About me

My story starts in Obyce, a charming little village in rural Slovakia. Our house lies adjacent to a forest so I grew up literally surrounded by nature. She has always been my muse and my first inspiration to start drawing.

First time I decided to leave this environment was on my path of self-discovery that took me to Bratislava. I was studying Economic Politics, joined a dance school and more importantly met incredible people, that showed me how I could live a life filled with joy, excitement and creativity. However, this was not always the case. 

Photos from my childhood

After finishing my degree, I began working in an office job to make ends meet. Feeling unfulfilled and experiencing anxiety, I knew I had to change something. 

The direction of my life developed in the most unexpected of places; in an empty apartment where I had just moved. I wanted a painting to decorate my new home and I decided to draw one. And so, after a several-year break from making art, I created my first drawing. No fancy story, just one drawing on a wall and I knew that this was it. What followed was great feedback from a lot of people and my first commissions from friends and family. It didn’t take long until I realized that creating made me happy once again. 

Creative process on my patio


At a certain point, I knew I had to step my game up. My friend and marketer Sarah helped me a lot, assisting me with my website, making photographs, designing ads, and providing me with invaluable support. Then I met Stephen, who liked my work so much that he came up with an idea for a collaborative project. I am forever thankful to Sarah and Stephen for having helped me to take my project in a whole new direction!

That leaves me to proudly welcome you to my website, featuring my own illustrations and tattoo artwork. All of my drawings are handmade and I put my heart and soul into each one of them. Through my artwork, I show my appreciation for the things that inspire me: mother nature, my travels and the various cultures I encounter. Your purchases and your support are highly valued as they allow me to keep drawing and sharing my artwork with the rest of the world. 

And now that you know a little bit about me, I would like to hear from you! Any feedback or just saying hi on my social media is much appreciated :)

Peace and Love,